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Nate Killian is an award-winning filmmaker and storyteller. Nate has always had a love for powerful stories, movies and TV shows. When he was 18 years old, he took his first step in his filmmaking journey when he decided he wanted to be a comedy actor in film and TV. In his mind, a great step for this dream to become reality was to create a sketch comedy YouTube channel. Not knowing anything about film and video production, and no one around him who did, Nate bought a camcorder and began learning to make these sketches by himself.

Later that year, Nate began college at Bridgewater State University with the plan of studying Exercise Science while pursuing his film dream on the side. In his second year at BSU, Nate entered a student film festival. He created his first ever short film and was cast in another student's film and saw great success in the festival with both films. Not long after the festival ended, and with his new found confidence, Nate changed his field of study to Film, Video, and Media and minored in Film Studies.

Nate began writing and directing short films while studying the art of cinema- applying what he was learning along the way, and it paid off. Nate was able to attend Sundance Film Festival and Cannes Film Festival for his work, two of the worlds largest film festivals. He received multiple awards for his work including Best Picture at the BSU Winter Film Festival and Best Story at the Terminus Film Festival for his film Harmony (2018) which is now available on Amazon Prime Video.


Since graduating in 2018, Nate has been able to work on a multitude of films- from independent short films to blockbuster films like Free Guy (2021). In the last few years, Nate realized he did not need to be the world's greatest director and work in Hollywood in order to tell the stories he wanted to tell. With his acquired skills in videography, directing, writing, and editing, Nate launched his video business in 2020- Nate Killian Films. He started by creating YouTube content again, engaging with a community of film lovers and aspiring filmmakers- encouraging them to take their first step in the filmmaking journey just like he did at 18. Nate also works with clients and brands to tell their stories with a cinematic approach, whether it be social media content, website content, short films and documentary style films.


Nate currently resides in the Boston area with his wife Emilee. 


Thank you for reaching out! I'll be sure to get back to you as soon as I can. Feel free to check out the rest of the site, my YouTube Channel, or my Instagram.

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